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A Tale of Romance by Arcane Jewellery

August 11, 2022

Arcane Jewellery is a Portuguese brand that wants you to “find your fire”. Founder and designer Inês Morais believes “personal style has an influence on who we are and how we get where we want to be”. That is why Arcane seeks to deliver confidence and self-respect to those who wear it. 

Arcane values traditional methods and produces all its items manually in a workshop. Those ancestral craft techniques actually seem to be part of the inspiration, along with a passion for nature, antiques and ancient classical architecture. 

A Tale of Romance showcases beautiful pieces in gold plated sterling silver that reveal a clear appreciation for detail, with intricate designs featuring Baroque inspired elements. Styles are slightly irregular and admittedly unpolished, which makes these pieces so special and gives them a true sense of uniqueness. Imperfectly perfect, these jewels are meant to make your life flawless. 

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