Bainha de Copas Womenswear

There once was a Dress by Bainha de Copas

July 01, 2010

Different color patterns set apart the brand Bainha de Copas. It takes us to a dream world through dresses and skirts of apparently simple forms. Each piece tells a story through the amazing patterns or the unusual origin of the fabric that comes from the four corners of the world.

It becomes impossible to look at the pieces and not to be immediately transported into a fantasy land. From the grinning skulls of the day of the dead to the flamed dragons that roam in a geometric pattern, we end up diving into a dream from which we want to be part of.

Openly anti-black, where the message seems to be "mess is more", the brand seeks to add something more to everyday life through colors, textures and patterns. Because all we need is to awake the positive side of our state of mind, Bainha de Copas offers an effective stimulant. No prescription required.

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